North German espresso

whole bean / 1250 g

Real Hanseatic

Italian coffee pot / fully automatic coffee machines / portafilter machine

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  • Trial package with espressi of Hanseatic origin
  • Union Kaffee Hansebrand: Main notes of chocolate and herbs
  • Elbgold Espresso Neunbar: gently roasted beans with main notes of nutmeg and walnut
  • Kalle Coffee Roasters No II. Espresso: Very chocolaty in taste
  • Nord Coast Roastery Black Opium: Warning, highly addictive!
  • De Koffiemann Mein Espresso: intensive aroma with a light note of chocolate

Union Coffee Hansebrand

For the Hansebrand espresso, beans from Brazil, Sumatra and India are roasted in a ratio of 80/20 Arabica to Robusta. This creates fine main notes of chocolate and herbs and makes the espresso a great basis for your coffee specialties with milk. Thanks to the intensive and low-acid aroma and the velvety crema, the Hansebrandt is also suitable as a classic espresso.

Elbgold Espresso Nine Bar

For the Neunbar blend from elbgold, 60% Brazilian Arabicas and 40% Indian Robustas are used and gently roasted. This combination of carefully selected beans gives the Neunbar espresso its pleasant sweetness of dark chocolate, which is rounded off by main notes of nutmeg and walnut.

Kalle Coffee Roasters No II. Espresso

Kalle's No. II Espresso is an espresso blend from Kalle Coffee Roasters that is a great blend of 40% Guji Hadeso and 60% Paubrasil beans. The body is pronounced and the taste sweet. Notes of dark chocolate harmonize with aromas of almonds and honey. This espresso is great as a single shot or in combination with milk, where the note of honey is particularly noticeable.

North Coast Roastery Black Opium

The Black Opium Espresso will intoxicate you with its notes of dark chocolate and nougat accompanied by fresh grapefruit. This pure Arabica blend has its origins in Brazil and Indonesia, giving the espresso its distinctive profile. Thanks to gentle long-term roasting, the Black Opium has a balanced body and a fine crema formation and is ideal as a classic espresso as well as for coffee specialties with milk.

De Koffiemann Mein Espresso

For De Koffiemanns Mein Espresso, 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans from Central and South American highland regions are gently roasted. This promotes the full and intense aroma with light notes of chocolate. The strong flavor of the dark roasted espresso rounds off the taste experience.

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