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For the slow run

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Artikel-Nr.: 103753
  • Filter for the hand filter method
  • Color: White
  • Made of high quality porcelain
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Designed by Simon Stevens

Three variants to choose from

The Loveramics Brewers Dripper is available in three different versions. The Strong variant lets the water run rather slowly through the coffee powder into the coffee jug with the hand filter method, making the coffee rather strong. The surface shows smaller, circular pores here. The different pore sizes of the dripper therefore also affect the brewing time of the coffee. It is ideal for conjuring up a coffee specialty with the Loveramics Dripper Stand and the Brewer Jug. The Loveramics drippers are made of high-quality porcelain and therefore have an elegant appearance.

Designer favourites

With a lot of passion and attention to detail, the Loveramics team keeps creating new and useful things for coffee lovers. Only high quality porcelain is used for products like the Dripper. Of course, this is not 100% unbreakable, but it is extremely resistant due to the extra thick-walled shape. The connoisseur has the feeling of having something exclusive in his home. This series was designed by the designer Simon Stevens, who has already made a name for himself worldwide in the field of ceramic design.

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